Choosing Farm Animals (no alpacas this time…)


We went over to Sylvia’s farm Sunday afternoon.  The day was warm and sunny and her alpacas were wandering happily about their pens.  Sylvia was a gracious host and went over again everything we would need to know after taking the two alpacas home that she had generously offered us.

They are very cute boys.  Buddy is small and fluffy and his friend, Carmello, looks like a camel.  Their fleece is lovely and they didn’t kick me or spit at me.  They did immediately head away from anywhere we were.  That is how alpacas are.  I don’t know if I thought these alpacas would be different.  They would run up to me and want their noses rubbed and a hug around the neck.  They aren’t mean but they aren’t really friendly either.  A little newborn kept nibbling at my shirt and was absolutely adorable but would skitter away as I turned around.

We thought it through, we planned.  We decided.  Not this year.

Our Lady of the Goats

When I write something on this blog and set it out into the universe it starts spiraling.  It starts manifesting.  And my dream for this year is Doug’s as well and we are going to make it happen.  (Look for the full scoop later this week!) but for now, our entire income will hinge on the success of our Homesteading School including the Certified Herbalist arm.  Farm tours and interns, vegetables, milk shares, eggs, lots of folks coming to the farm.  The aura of the farm needs to match our intention.  Having families come tour our homestead is always a delight for me.  I love how excited the kids get when they hold a docile chicken or play with Elsa, the uber friendly goat.  When they talk non-stop about bottle feeding goat kids or kitty “hunting” (can you find all nine in our house?).  If we had terrified animals in the back corner…well that doesn’t really fit in.

I am getting two lambs next month that will be bottle babies to make them tame and I will try my fiber fun with them and if I love it, I can always get an alpaca next year to add to the fiber animals but in the meantime, we need more of a petting zoo environment, I think.  A good experience for kids (and adults) to hold onto when dreaming of their future farms.

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  1. Cynthia says:

    Sounds wonderful! Good luck with everything. Such a happy time making plans for things that we feel drawn to and are excited about!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      It is nice to be brimming with excitement again!

  2. Marquita Martin says:

    Cool ideas you are having! Hope it all works out well.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      It will all work out! thanks!

  3. juliepullum says:

    Sounds as though you are really excited by these decisions so Hope all goes well. I can feel the vibes all the way here and am excited for you both

    1. Farmgirl says:

      It will go well, it has to! We are excited!

  4. neilirving says:

    Sounds wonderful and lots of fun, My son’s high school as just got four alpacas for there animal care program, they are very nervous but are responding slowly to pressure and release, similar to the way we have trained wild horses

    1. Farmgirl says:

      That’s great! What a neat opportunity for the kids.

      1. neilirving says:

        It’s a great set up, they also have sheep, goats, chickens and quail, green houses and gardens it’s very good for a technology collage

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