A Weekend Away From the Farm (Nederland and Boulder)


A weekend away is always a welcome respite.  Once babies are being born and farmer’s markets begin we will be busy on our farm so we welcome these few winter weekends when we can get away.  This time we went to Boulder and Nederland with our daughter, Emily, her boyfriend, Bret, and our granddaughter, Maryjane.


We met the kids in Boulder for lunch on Pearl Street Mall.  This strip of shops doesn’t have cars on it, just people walking, musicians playing, as well as jugglers, acrobats, and unique talents.  We went to a deli for a quick lunch before heading to our hotel.


We barter herbal medicines for stays at this historic and lovely bed and breakfast in the Boulder canyon.  The Alps is owned by a very nice couple, Jeannine and John.  We are lucky to have made friends with these fine folks and that we have had the opportunity to stay here several times over the years.  The rooms have large tubs, fireplaces, and delicious breakfast.



Is there anything more precious than time with loved ones?


Saturday we headed to Nederland where a gentleman named Grandpa is cryogenically frozen waiting for new technology to bring him back.  They have a dead guy festival in the spring.


We visited fun stores and walked across a fabulous bridge to get to the Carousel of Happiness.








Upstairs there is a do-it-yourself puppet show.



There were many great offerings of restaurants in Nederland and we decided to try Katmandu, a Tibetan restaurant.  We really enjoyed the fare there.


We drove up the mountain roads in an attempt to get the baby asleep.  This allowed us to find some amazing scenery of the city at dusk.




It was getting colder as a storm came in so our activities were limited to indoors.  We ate at great restaurants and visited the book store where Maryjane met new friends.



It’s always nice to have a change of scenery now and again.  This lifestyle allows us the freedom to take some time away to just relax and make new memories with our family in the winter.

Wishing you are restful winter and wonderful memories.

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  1. Julie Pullum says:

    Great pictures of family and scenery alike! Thanks for sharing your weekend away

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