The Magical Homestead (and spreading positivity)


We have moved to the most beautiful place on Earth, I am certain.  I feel overwhelmingly blessed to have been given such a gift.  It is a different world out here.


The certain way the prairie hills undulate and the distance from neighbors makes it feel very much like we are alone out here, the sky seems to fall at a curve leaving us to believe we are ever in a snow globe.


The chickens are snug in their warm coop and the goats look like abominable snowmen with their thick fleece.  The views from their pens are utterly graceful and lovely.


I have found myself wanting to stay in this marvelous time capsule forever.  To breathe in fresh air and hear nothing but wildlife rustling in the brush.  Snow shaking softly from trees.


Today we are taking a little trip though.  A ride through the mountains to our favorite hot springs in Idaho Springs.  Just a daytime jaunt.  A bit over a year ago my favorite graduating class gave me a gift certificate there and I can’t wait to feel the warm mineral waters on my skin.


The world has seemed a mite colder as of late.  So much negativity.  Today won’t you join me and consciously put out solely positivity into the social media world and in your meetings with people?  How many compliments shall we give unbidden?  I think I will give four to strangers.  The world is a wonderful place, let us add to the magic and spread joy.


(Doug captured some beautiful scenes in our yard, don’t you think?)


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  1. p3farm says:

    Beautiful photos! My favorite thing about winter, the beautiful snow!!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      It’s amazing! People might be surprised to hear that we rarely have much in Colorado. The mountains, yes, but not the front range. We got a lot more than anyone else and it stuck around for so long. I have never witnessed a more beautiful winter out here! What is your winter like?

      1. p3farm says:

        Wisconsin winters are brutal. Somedays uber cold, sometimes super snowy. Awful, but i love snow and hate cold! 😄

      2. Farmgirl says:

        I love snow until after Christmas. Then it should be Spring, don’t you think?

      3. p3farm says:

        I love the snow and as long as it is not cold cold, i dont mind the snow. Last year we had snow in April so i am prepared for the long haul.

  2. Bill says:

    I will join you in trying to spread some positivity today. We could all use it.

    Such beautiful scenery there. May your trip today be relaxing and filled with beauty. 🙂

    1. Farmgirl says:

      The snow has been amazing. Never get this much and have it stick around for so long. Just the beautiful sight. Hope your winter is going good!

    2. Farmgirl says:

      We did have a lovely time. Forgot my camera, but it was a wonderfully relaxing day.

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