We Manifested a Farm (how to make your dreams come true)


I have lots of stories about how when you dream up something, write it down, share it with the world, you will manifest it.  You will get it.  Guaranteed.  Isn’t that amazing?!  But a lot of times when I am inspiring folks to do this, to let the universe collide to bring forth your greatest desires, I am avidly dreaming and praying and begging, and waiting for the proper time to see our dreams come to fruition.  It never ceases to amaze me when it all happens…again!  Be careful what you wish for, but if you dream it, it will come true and I find great comfort in that.  I also like to look back and see how things aligned, how things peaked our interest (sharing a home with friends…interns…) then taken back out of the equation, tweaked, changed, but still have a place in the future plan, in a different way.  How we found our way to this homestead, which seemed impossible to get, is just fascinating.  How could the homestead I dreamed up ever actually come true when we have zero credit, little money, and crazy requests like a wood cook stove?  Who the heck has a wood cook stove in a rental?


You can read just a few of these posts by clicking on the title, Preparing for Dreams to Come True and Self Fulfilled Prophesies just to get a gist of how amazing this dream-come-true homestead is!

Peach trees
Peach trees

Our landlords at the last house called out of the blue (remember, we hadn’t heard from these folks in a looong time) to see if we wanted to buy the house.  We can’t buy a house.  I liked the house there and was really going back and forth whether we should renew our lease.  The bills were pretty high for us, but we loved the neighbors and the house.  When Maryjane started running out into the busy street, I knew I better get out of town.  But where?  The landlords wanted to sell the house so we had our choice made for us.  We thought we had until spring.


In our price range were run down trailers out in the middle of nowhere.  Potential?  Always.  Something we felt compelled to jump on?…uh, no.  Now, this will sound a bit hocus pocusy and I, myself, am a bit of skeptic but a friend of mine and past student is a respected palm reader.  She took one look at my hand and said that I was preventing the homestead to manifest because I was sure I wouldn’t have enough money.  Let the money in!  I am not a material girl and I hate even charging for my medicines.  Little did I know that that meant that the bills would be so cheap, I could afford it.  She said we’d be moved by October 1st.  By the skin of our knuckles, by golly, we were moved in by that prophesized date.  Hallelujah.


I was wandering by the computer and checked Craigslist for the umpteenth time.  There was a brief notice.  Not many details.  The sound of the prose sounded like they were a bit fed up of renters.  I called anyway.  In fifteen minutes we were on our way to a town 43 minutes from where we were presiding to see said house.  The wood cook stove, the pantry, the size (850 square feet, just what I requested), the land (10 acres surrounded by prairie), the cohabitants of the land to make it possible but with our own space, the price including utilities exactly what my absurd number was.  Goat pens, chicken pens, large fenced garden.  Twenty five minutes from my very favorite city, Colorado Springs.  My head is swimming with gratitude and awe.


Get those dreams written down now, people!  Everything is coming together!  I’d love to hear what your dreams entail.  It helps to share them with the world.  Enjoy the photo tour of our new Pumpkin Hollow Farm and look for all the Homesteading and Herbalist classes that will be offered here in the next year.


Henry Higgin's replacement.  Meet Christopher Robin.  Let's hope he's nicer than Henry!
Henry Higgin’s replacement. Meet Christopher Robin. Let’s hope he’s nicer than Henry!


Our new cold frame, bartered for with a class.  Veggies in January?  I do hope so!
Our new cold frame, bartered for with a class. Veggies in January? I do hope so!
Potential, potential, potential...
Potential, potential, potential…







3 Comments Add yours

  1. Megan says:

    My dream is to have a baby and be in a house by August next year!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      It will happen then! xoxo

  2. permiechick says:

    I’m so glad this happened for you! You are completely right. It happened for us with the land we bought and for my best friend with the house she is in. Down to the tiniest detail and neither one of us truly believed that what we wanted was within reason but at some point we lost ourselves in that dream.

    My dreams have changed a little since I wrote them down last so it sounds like it’s time for a written update. The new place looks beautiful BTW, and it sounds like it’s a dream come true 🙂

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