Creating Outdoor Living Spaces (reading nooks and welcomes)


We often think of decorating the inside of a house.  How to make it warm and inviting.  How to create living spaces.  The outside of the house is every bit as important as it will open up more living space.  It allows us to welcome our friends to our door, invites us to relax in various reading corners, and to dine alfresco.  Welcome to our front door.


The front porch faces east and welcomes sunrises and giant stars.  I placed a large coffee table and four chairs simply on the deck to create a nice place to drink coffee and welcome the sunrise.  These are the views from the front porch.  One must have a comfortable place to relax and take in the glorious nature around us.

prairie morning

porch view


Doug created a small fenced in area in the front for our Greyhound to run around in when we don’t have time to walk him.  (Despite having ten acres to run in, he finds his first entry out and runs for the hills.)  Between that and our landlord not wanting folks to park on the grass by the front door, the front door has inadvertently become the back door.  I don’t really care for the back door being the front door (welcome, step through my utility room…) but I did my best to make the porch enticing.



One could simply place a table and two chairs on a porch and call it decorated but what really makes a place seem enchanting and inviting are the little touches you can add.  Our Welcome sign is specially made (for a mere $18) and the wild wooden animals always bring a smile.  I sprayed them with a protectant since they will be out in the elements.  Seasonal touches, a vase of sunflowers, pumpkins, pretty rocks, pinecones, or candles add charm to outdoor eating spaces.


I was always the child tucked away in corners reading or writing, or in a tree daydreaming, or outside at the park drinking from a thermos and feeding the ducks.  I love whimsical corners and inspiring hideaways.  In the city and in town I had to be creative.  This is actually quite easy to do.  Set up your lawn chairs so they face a large tree instead of the neighbor’s house.  Or erect a swing in a corner of the garden.  Find a lovely place on the patio or behind the shed that you can put a surprising and impromptu area for rest and a great book.


The lawn chairs face a large willow tree where an owl lives, the southern mountains, and the prairie where the moon rises majestically.




The large table is set by a colorful Cottonwood tree and faces Pikes Peak for optimum view.



When setting up reading and dining areas, consider placing groups in various areas.  If the south sun is very hot a covered porch might be more suitable. or if stargazing is the goal, placing reclining chairs away from the glare of street lights creates more dark.  When my garden is done I shall have a small table and chairs in there as well to enjoy the butterflies and visiting birds.


Of course having a view looking in is quite nice too.  The twinkly lights from inside the house look festive and welcoming…as indoor and outdoor spaces should.

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  1. Holly Young says:

    Katie-it all looks so homey and inviting:) Happy for you all that you are in and as the harvest/farmer’s market season draws to a close (in a few weeks?) you can snuggle into your new home and relax.

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