Transition, Exhaustion, and God’s Great Canvas


We are moving to our dream house.  This is the scene looking across the goat pens and chicken coop.  It is breathtaking and inspiring.

We are so very tired, I’m afraid.  We have been taking loads out to the new house every day along with our regular farmer’s markets, farm chores, and household chores, and fixing up the new house.  I have great muscles I haven’t seen in some time and even though we are fatigued, we can see the end of the our current transition.


The end of this transition has been a long year full of more friend’s passings and animal losses (another friend and my favorite cat this week) and this year has been ever so arduous.  It has been full of fantastic joys though as well.  Like being able to watch Maryjane so much and having such a close little bond with her.  Like finding the exact homestead we prayed for.  Our son getting married, and our daughter graduating.  Watching them all work and grow up and find their passions, healthy and beautiful children.  The homestead angels that have come to our rescue out of the blue.  Friends that have taken time to come help us paint.  To help us move a load or two to the new house.  To help us finish tasks that have us exhausted.  To come teach us how to use our stove.  Our friends are many and we are so blessed.


I am looking forward to being able to sit on this bench, perhaps with a cup of coffee and a writing book, or maybe a sketch book, and exhale.  To look out upon this amazing canvas and breath in the beauty and rest quietly and whisper words of thanks.

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  1. H-ology says:

    So happy for you guys !!!! It brings me so much joy reading and knowing you’
    re out there making it ! Go Go !

  2. debweeks says:

    That landscape would be enough to keep one (me) motivated to work thru the pain and exhaustion, so I understand your need and desire to keep things moving along. A new home awaits full-time residents to use and enjoy the land and that beautiful canvass.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Indeed. Every time I feel like despairing I look around and see this new homestead and know we will be all moved in and done with the old house soon enough!

  3. Blessings to you all on your new chapter. Moving isn’t fun no matter what your moving, but with the plants and animals, I am sure its been much more strenuous. Its good to know hard work pays off!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      We will be resting soon enough. The hard work will be worth it. Wait until you see this place! It’s so cute.

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