Surprise Fall Crops, Moveable Gardens, and the Moveable Farm


I planted seeds every couple of weeks until mid-July in rows where the seeds didn’t germinate or after crops were harvested.  In the long rows where I had harvested garlic I had planted snow peas, radishes, carrots, beets, and pattypan squash.  Then I forgot that I planted them!  So, imagine my pleasant surprise when I came across a row of delicious radishes crowning from the soil and happy pea shoots waving at me.


It pays to get an extra seed packet of spring crops and plant them later so that you get doubled the harvest of vegetables.  It doesn’t cost much, there seems to always be an open foot of row here and there and maybe you will forget and then be surprised.  I do know that many of the fall crops I planted, like the turnips and chard, did not come up.  I am sure the birds had a lovely lunch.


Two Christmases ago Doug bought me a huge cast iron cauldron.  I wondered what he was trying to tell me. (I had expected a large carved wooden bear to add to my collection, so imagine my surprise!)  It has stood on the porch since then only coming out to the yard on Halloween.  Wouldn’t want to give the neighbors the wrong impression.


I decided to bring the cauldron out.  I planted pepper plants and herbs in it.  I always worried it would be too heavy to move once I planted in it.  It takes two men to move it empty.  It has holes in it already.  It makes a great planter.  Why not empty the soil out when it is time to move it?  It is a great planter, I should have used it earlier!

The landlords are selling the house.  We will be moving our farm.  We have told them we will be out by spring in order to give us some time to save enough money to move and clear some things out.  I will want to move all of my herb gardens to the new homestead.  Sometimes I feel panic come over me but then I remember that we put it out there that we wanted a homestead.  One much cheaper than this one, one with a wood stove and a well, a barn, places to walk.  It is coming!  I am excited to find it.

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  1. Julie Pullum says:

    Hey good luck with looking for the new homestead. I’m thinking you knew it was coming so it’s a positive thing to know where you stand x

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I did ask for a clear sign whether we should stay or go, I guess I got it! Can’t wait to see what the next homestead looks like! 🙂

  2. Deb Brod says:

    I’m not sure how I found your site. I’m used to no memory since I hit a “certain age”. I am anxious to see where you end up and I hope you will be able to acquire and achieve all of your goals. The hubs and I are moving the way to retirement and living simply. We have so much, so much and most of it we don’t need. But we are debt free since our house was paid off in March. Our mantra is if we can’t write a check for it, we don’t need it. It’s liberating! Blessings from Texas, DebB

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Thank you for reading, Deb! It is nice to live simply. Every time we start getting stressed over money we stop and think what we can simplify more and not get trapped in the rat race!

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