Festival Escapes


Festivals are not just for children, nor are they solely for those with children, a festival is an entirely different world where one gets to leave the regular day to day and enter into another era of fun and memories.  From Celtic Festivals where circa 1700’s and fairies rein or Pumpkin Festivals where pioneer days and crafts mingle with wood smoke and harvest time, festivals offer a day away from the ordinary.

sword fighting

Our local festival is the Elizabeth Celtic Festival.  Doug is on the committee so we see it coming together throughout the year and watch as an ordinary park in the woods is transported into a literary masterpiece of medieval genius and come to life villages and actors.


Bag pipes fill the air.  Sounds of the homeland of my ancestors pulsing through my blood stream.  Maryjane dances every time she hears the ring of bag pipes.  This year she was enthralled with the fairies.  She kept running from our booth towards the fairy glen where magical ladies and gents in creative costume met her with smiles and glitter.  Next year I think we will dress her in wings.


There are dancers and bands.  Pubs and vendors.  Rows of clans to find your ancestry.  Scottish games can be heard throughout the park with the sound of yelling as larger than life athletes in kilts throw heavy metal orbs and bales of straw over ridiculously high posts.  I can barely lift the straw out of my truck.





celtic festival And of course, ice cream.

The day is filled with wonder as the talented re-enactors come from all over to set up camps and transport visitors into their world.  Vikings, Scottish vagabonds, even Civil war actors show how life was in a time that we only know from books and artifacts.

cooking fire

A weekend of fun is gone too soon and we find ourselves saying goodbye to everyone with a promise to meet up this time next year.  Find your local festivals and take a day off from the present!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. debweeks says:

    Awesome!!! I’ve never had the opportunity to attend any Highland Games or Scottish Festivals. However, when my husband was growing up, he attended them regularly. His father was a long standing member of a local bag pipe band. He taught my husband and his sister to play they pipes when they were young. For a matter-of-fact, my husband was the youngest piper in the band. I believe he was about 8 yrs old at the time. He was part of the band as a piper until he reached his teens when he switched over to drums. He has told me about the games and festivals many times and I hope to one day have the opportunity to attend them myself. They sound wonderful.

  2. 67merrill says:

    I think there’s a Renaissance Festival in Colorado Springs.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      I think there is. There are several across the state but our favorite is our local on in Elizabeth. My husband is on the committee. It is the best in our opinion! 🙂

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