Ten Secrets to Living a Simple and Enchanted Life


1. Notice Something New in Nature Every Day. 

This could be while walking down a city sidewalk to work or in your own field of hay.  Take a moment to smell the air, see the different colors that nature has painted that moment, listen for birds, see butterflies flitting by, spy nests, and laugh at squirrels.


2. Do More of What Makes You Happy.

I have a large coffee mug that I picked up in California with this saying on it.  It pleases me and reminds me of a fundamental right, we can do what makes us happy.  I spent too many years doing what I was “supposed” to do.  Make people happy, do the proper thing, work hard, stay married (second times a charm), go to funerals, weddings, parties, events, stay friends with the same draining people.  Slowly the creative, enchanted side of me started to leave.  Stuck in the world of what I should do, left little room for what I wanted to do.  Even though folks say you should do everything you have to do now to do what you want later, I have seen too many times that later doesn’t always come.  No telling how long my lifespan is and I intend to do what I want now.  If I am not incredibly close with the person I have no desire to go to funerals, or other hooplas.  I will work for myself even if that means less luxuries.  My luxury is my garden and baby goats and my warm bed at night.

tea cup

3. Do Not Turn Down Opportunities or Invitations.

Not the same thing as #2!  When I was at a market last Saturday a young woman asked quietly if I might like to come over for tea sometime.  She lives in the trailer park across the street and is rather enchanted by my gardens.  The hermit side of me would immediately dash such a notion.  I am very busy!  But, to meet someone new, to learn something new, to share your life for a moment with another spirit walking the same journey, one never knows what positive spin on one’s life this could take.  Invitations for wine and tea, walks, and new friends add glints of happiness and layers of memories upon our lives.


4. Adopt an Animal.

Whether it be a kitten or a chicken, a dog or a goat, animals of all kinds add a certain pleasure to our lives that cannot be replicated with anything else.  To run your fingers through a warm cat’s fur, or laugh at a chicken running by with a worm, to hug a crying baby goat who needs attention, or to take a tremendously happy dog on a walk, to stroke the neck of a beautiful steed, or hold a baby duckling in your hand.  These are exhalation moments.  Ones that bring the swirling world to a brief stop and time revolves around the animals that rely on you for care.  My house may sometimes smell of cat boxes or worse, the dog may have gas, chicken poop may stick to our shoes, and there may be hay in my apron pockets, but I do not ever foresee Doug and I not having furry kids.  They enhance our life far too much.


5. Do Not Worry About What Other Folks Think.

Particularly family and friends.  Sometimes peer pressure can be hurtful and cause worry.  I do not care that we live in a little run down, cute house on rented property with all these animals.  Years ago I had to stop caring what folks thought about us taking our kids out of the public school system and teaching them ourselves.  They are intelligent, well educated, eloquent grown children.  I do not care what people say about Maryjane not having vaccinations.  She is the smartest fifteen month old I have ever met.  I do not care if people snicker and think I sell pot.  I prefer St. John’s Wort, myself.  I do not care that my skirts are old and kind of ripped.  That I am sensitive and get my feelings hurt easily.  What happens is when you decide this is your life and this is how you want it or this is how it is, old friends and family back off and new friends and family step forward and your entire inner circle changes to like minded people or just people that really love you for who you are.  I adore my inner circle.


6. Plant a Seed.

A pot on the balcony will do.  Or a large garden if you wish.  But plant a seed or bring home an already planted strawberry plant or basil plant.  Do something so that you can taste a bit of fresh food each day.  Fresh food energizes the body and spirit and keeps us healthy and enthralled with unique flavors and textures.  A garden or potted balcony is a lovely place to contemplate one’s life and days.  To be thankful and to enjoy a cup of coffee.


7. Pen a Letter.

I write to my pen pals while Doug is shooting pool.  In a darkened hundred year old building that has been a saloon for perhaps all of that time, I am surrounded by old ranchers and Vietnam vets who wonder out loud (and loudly), “What are you doing?”  No matter how many times I tell them I am writing a letter, they reply, “No one writes letters anymore.”  How enjoyable to open the mailbox to find a letter.  A real one.  Folded crisp paper, carefully scripted beginning turned illegible near the end as we try to write everything on our minds and happenings before our hands tire too much.  A stamp and a carefully addressed envelopes heading to destinations that I have not yet seen.  Write to an old friend or aunt that would enjoy the antiquated pleasure of a letter.


8. Turn off the Television.

For heaven’s sake.  Turn off the television.  Do not use it as a babysitter.  Do not let the kids play video games.  Awake your husband.  Get un-addicted from television shows.  So much nonsense out there taking root in our psyches.  If you need to relax, a drink and a book on the porch is lovely.  A walk is even better.  A walk with your spouse is time to talk and hold hands.  A knitting project awaits.  So do homemade cookies.  A spot in the garden with drawing paper.  A telephone call to an old friend, or sister.  Time is elusive.  Invite the neighbor over for laughs.  Be present.


9. Get Outside.

Can you walk to work, or the mailbox?  Can you get outside on your lunch hour?  Can you sit outside and have lunch?  Dinner?  The outdoors is where our spirits can breathe.  The stresses of life melt away.  Enchantment begins.  Watch a sunrise…or sunset.  Smell a flower.  Feel earth between your toes.  Sit in the grass.  Or just take a walk.  Every moment outdoors fuels creativity and stress reduction.  We were never meant to be cooped up indoors.

My grandma and I when my grandparents came out to see the new place.

10. Notice and Memorize Moments.

We had our annual party Saturday night.  Rodney came over with the karaoke system.  Tents and twinkly lights were erected and the cocktails and great potluck food were enjoyed to the sound of singing and the rodeo going on in the fairgrounds.  Fireworks lit up the night later.  Every time I am in a place with people, whether it be at my brother’s wedding last week or at the party Saturday, I take a moment to look around, take it all in.  Who knows how much longer I will have my grandparents, or more surprisingly, how long my friends may be here.  Losing Nancy so suddenly this last spring left a hole in my heart and I am more apt to notice and enjoy the moment.  The first annual party without her.  I did not worry if everyone had a drink or a plate of food.  Or if everyone was having fun or if I was being a good hostess. I just sat back and noticed people laughing, caught up with everyone, appreciated everyone there.  Gave hugs, sang, watched the sunset, was thankful for all these good friends.


Enchantment and creativity are found all around us and in our hearts we want to be carefree.  I hope you will find freedom and more glints of happiness and life moments with each passing day.  See you on the porch!



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  1. My French Heaven says:

    I like all your posts, but this may very well be your best one yet! I do 9 of them all the time. N° 5 is still a hard one for me. 2 and 3 are my favorites! Great great post my dear friend!!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Thank you so much!

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