Shyanne’s Graduation


I love family occasions.  My other two children finished homeschool.  Shyanne was such a little socialite that she decided to go back to a traditional high school her sophomore year.  Her graduating class numbered twenty.  She had four teachers and has made wonderful friends.


I am so proud of Shyanne, not because she graduated high school, education is a life long pursuit and can be obtained in many ways, but because she made a decision and worked hard for what she wanted, in this case, a diploma from the school of her choice.


Her boyfriend, Dillon, joined her in cap and gown and received his diploma as well.  Dillon has been coming around the house for over four years now trying to get Shyanne’s attention.  Strictly friend status, they had a great friendship which evolved into a wonderful relationship last fall.  They are enjoying their newfound freedom dirt biking, camping, and working towards that quintessential apartment in the mountains close to snowboarding and hiking.


Congratulations Shyanne Mae!  May all of your dreams and goals come to fruition and may you find yourself laughing and having a great time in this life!  Mama’s proud.

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  1. frugalhen says:

    Your children are beautiful! And you have such a wonderful relationship with them. Such wonderful blessings!

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