City vs. Country Farming (which is best?)

There are a lot of pros and cons to farming in the city and the country.  As renters who farm, we are always trying to weigh which is better.  Right now we live in a small town.  We have close neighbors and city ordinances but also have the problems of farming in the country!  Here’s a look at the pros and cons of farming in the city verses the country so that you can decide where to set up shop, or just be happy where you are at!

city garden

Top Three Reasons to Farm in the City

1. Less predators.

Colorado Springs just passed an ordinance that allows goats!  Denver allows goats too.  Chickens are allowed in more cities now.  More and more cities are getting on board with the homesteading movement.  With chickens, one gets predators.  In the city, there may be the occasional coyote running through, but nothing quite like what you get in the country.  Chickens and other animals are generally safe in the back yard of a city lot from foxes, coyotes, and hawks.

2. Less pests.

We have a terrible vole problem right now.  How the heck do you get rid of these dudes?  Every  morning there is a new mound of soil pushed up over the grass and many vegetables in its path simply disappeared.  Pulled straight through the ground to unknown tunnels feeding sumptuous parties of voles somewhere down below.  Ticks me off.  I was not even invited.

The primary pest in the city is squirrels, which really cannot do the damage to a garden that a bunch of hungry deer, tunneling voles, and smiling rabbits can do.

3. Wiser garden planning.

You know when you read a menu that has so many good options you don’t know where to start?  That is how farming in the country is.  In the city you start in the back yard, maybe the front, or with pots all over the deck.  One can get creative with intense planting techniques and make a fabulous urban garden right at home.


Top Three Reasons to Farm in the Country

1. Less ordinances.

The HOA is the enemy of homesteaders and gardeners.  Cities make rules, I swear, just to have something to do.  Out in the country, no one cares, or no one can see!  Either way, don’t ask, don’t tell! If you want to have sixteen goats and twenty five chickens and dig up every square inch for a garden that isn’t pasture, so be it.  Freedom is a lovely thing.

2. More space.

The flip side of the intensive gardening is that it would be nice to have lots of space to grow food.  One could grow wheat, or hay, lots more vegetables, an orchard, and still have room for sixteen goats.

3. The ability to be more self sufficient.

A well makes one more self sufficient.  Not being subject to city water is gold.  Being able to stick up solar panels, or go totally off grid, is an option.  Being able to supply nearly all of one’s family’s food needs is indeed a plus to living in the country.


Top Three Things We All Have in Common

1. The weather.

The rain, golf ball sized hail, and tornados hit Denver hard this week.  We got a scant three drops of rain.  We could easily have received the brunt of the storm.  Mother Nature is a beast no matter where one lives.

2. Community.

Whether it be a small town of like minded folks or friendly neighbors who want to learn how to grow tomatoes, one can find support, family, and solace in the community around them.

3. Dirt.

Potting soil counts.  Dirt can be found anywhere and if there is dirt, there is life and vegetables!

god made a farmer

There are pros and cons to either place one wants to live.  The key is making the most of where we are planted at the moment!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. debweeks says:

    My biggest frustration right now is the ordinances. I can have a garden. I can plant fruit trees in my yard. I can have dogs as long as they are on leash or in a fenced yard when outside. I can have cats and they are free to roam the neighborhood (doesn’t seem quite fair). I cannot have chickens. I cannot have goats. I cannot have meat rabbits. So the country would be so much better for me.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Just a few neighborhoods down chickens are not allowed! I don’t understand what folks are afraid of…it’s just a little rabbit for crying out loud!

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