A California Trip to Remember


Doug and I are not like other people.  At the end of most folk’s vacations they are ready to go home.  We could be on vacation perpetually.  Especially when staying with great friends we don’t see enough in an area that flip flops are the norm all year.  I need three more weeks.


But Maryjane is just about to bust out crawling, she is so close, and I don’t want to miss it.  There are two alpacas waiting to come home to Pumpkin Hollow Farm, and yes, sooner than we thought, two goats coming to live here too.  The chickens’ antics make each morning lively.  Our cats and dogs have been acting up in their defiance of our being gone.  Much like small children, they scared off their babysitter.  This may be our last vacation for a long time.


It is twenty five degrees cooler at our house than it is here.  Brrr.  The holidays are coming up though, and it is time to start sewing, baking, and preparing for the holidays and there is no better place to be than in Colorado for Christmas.  Especially since that is where our children are at.


I dread the list I have made myself.  Things to fix,  things I must do.  I need to change my perception.  There is nothing I have to do.  I just need to get things done as I see fit and spend plenty of time reading, cooking, enjoying our new animals, and making pillow case dolls for the children in our life for Christmas.  My farm awaits.


We saw and experienced so many fabulous and inspiring things on this trip.  From wine country, to the Muir Woods, to San Francisco we went.  We traversed steep hills and took the trolley.  We saw churches that rivaled New Mexico’s in beauty and history.  We ate by the sea; ate fresh seafood with the salt water still present in each taste.  We drank wine.  Lord, we drank wine.  Little Italy, Chinatown, old warships we marveled over.  So many things, memories branded into the files of our life.  Such a lovely time we had.

The sun was hitting this church just right! This is an untouched pic.
The sun was hitting this church just right! This is an untouched pic.

The airplane awaits to take us back to Pumpkin Hollow Farm.  Thank you Lisa and Steve.  Thank you, California!


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  1. I left a comment on Why Farmgirl School? that I would like to nominate you for The Versatile Blogger Award. If you are interested in this nomination, please email me at belmontrooster@centurylink.net whether you accept or not. I want to add bloggers to the list that are willing to participate. If you do not want to, I completely understand.

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Those are really fun, aren’t they? I am just saving posts for my writings and enjoying others’ writings as well. Thanks so much of considering me though!

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