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We go through lots of changes, moves, lifestyle changes, job changes, but we have always tried to simplify in the process.  More meaningful work, less bills, less consumerism, more good, simple fun.  Inevitably things sneak back up and though we are not “as bad” as we used to be, we certainly are not that simple anymore.  I look around and there are a lot of items to dust!  The cable and cell phone bills are more than the utilities.  The amount of gas money we need is exorbitant!  Where the heck are we going that we have to drive so much?  Our shop is seven miles away and everything else is in walking distance.  (I do go drive to pick up Emily and Maryjane quite a bit, I’ll give you that one.  But ever so worth it!)  At least we haven’t picked up our really bad habits again like credit cards, but we still need to look around and see what is happening here.


Where did I get all of this stuff?  Oh my poor friends.  We asked them to move us last year.  We saved a thousand dollars not getting a moving van and it looked like we didn’t have all that much stuff.  John and his kids grabbed their horse trailers and our friends from all around came to our rescue.  As I saw them driving up, vans, and trucks, and horse trailers, and cars full of stuff, my mouth dropped open and a glazed look of shock took over.  Where the heck are we putting all this…ahem…stuff?  The garage is packed.  The basement is packed.  The more I take to charity the more it seems to procreate.  I think my junk is cloning itself.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we are not hoarders or packrats.  Our house looks very nice.  I just get to wondering, why don’t I sell the piano and make a rent payment?  Because it is almost a hundred years old, and in perfect condition, and I play it for two minutes once a year…or so.  Why don’t I sell the hutch that takes so much space?  Oh, and why do I have seven sets of dishes?  Where did all these tables come from?  I might need them.  I love my roll top desk. It has taken up residence in the garage for the time being…for the last year….hmm.  We are having a garage sale this weekend.


Where is our money going?  Well, right now I guess I could ask, what money?  Ever since our vacation things have just been dwindling down and I better straighten up.  Sales are way down and we have had to use our savings to pay bills and taxes and even though the farmer’s markets are starting soon, what happens afterwards?  We eat out too much.  It is fun and tasty and a habit we really ought to knock out.  We spend a lot on gas.  We dwindle.  We have contracts with the cable and phone companies until the end of the year and we can readdress those.  What we really need and who has a better deal, etc.  Those are really our only extra curricular bills.  It is possible that our student loans may never get paid off at our current rate!  Time to evaluate our money situation and what we are going to do and start implementing all of the things I have been preparing for.  Grow and put up all of our food for this year.  What I cannot grow enough of, I can get from farmer friends.  I can freeze enough milk for the year to make cheese with over the winter.  I can get cheese from the store on sale and wax it myself.  Lisa taught me that.  It will stay good for twenty-five years that way.  Holy smokes.  That is some aged cheese!  Play more cards, read more books, use less electricity, cook all of our meals.  Be a good homesteading housewife, for crying out loud!  And get back to that good simple life we adore and aspire to.


Sometimes you just need to re-evaluate.

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  1. Jane Schneider says:

    I can’t agree with you more..

  2. Amen Sister! Looking over our finances just the other day I made the same comment to myself! Where does all of our money go?! Where does all of our TIME go!? I think it’s good to reevaluate every couple of months to make sure you’re on the right track…I will be sitting the Mr down this weekend and doing just that!

    1. Farmgirl says:

      Be ruthless! I am already going back on what I want to sell….I need to stay strong and get rid of stuff!

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